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The Elder Board
Pastor Will Thomas and wife Melia
Children (from left): Beau, Kinsey, Benji, and Luke (not pictured)

Will Thomas accepted his role as pastor and elder of Berean Community Church on June 1, 2006. He graduated from North Carolina State University with a BA in Horticulture before experiences as a youth minister at Manteo Baptist Church confirmed Will’s desire to serve the church in pastoral ministry. God provided the opportunity for Will to attend The Master’s Seminary in Sun Valley, California. He graduated in 2005 and began attending the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in pursuit of a Master’s in Theology. A long-time friend and fellow Master’s Seminary graduate asked if he would consider full-time pastoral ministry in New Bern and he first took the pulpit at Berean on Easter Sunday of 2006. Will met his wife, Melia, at NCSU and they were married the weekend after graduation. God blessed them with their son Beau during their time in California. God later blessed them with their son Benji, daughter Kinsey, and son Luke. Will is a survivor of Burkitt’s Lymphoma and God has graciously chosen for him to be cancer free since September of 2007.

To contact Will, please email him at:

Elder Peter Friedrick and wife Beverly

Peter Friedrick was appointed an elder by Berean Community Church in January of 2013. He earned his BA in Mathematics at Houghton College and his Master of Divinity at Talbot Theological Seminary. Before seminary he served as a Naval Aviator in the United States Navy. Peter and Beverly moved to New Bern in March of 2012. Peter serves the military community through biblical counseling and discipleship. He is certified by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). Beverly is a school teacher and serves the church with her service as our piano player. 

To contact Peter for church matters or for questions about counseling, please email him at: