Relationships and the Cross

The work of Christ’s Cross is presently and uniquely displayed in two relationships - the family and the church. The mundane and the eternal collide in the relational nature of life and discipleship. They reflect the character of God and His gospel through saints who are still sinners. This grand and difficult duty displays Christ’s High Priestly ministry and the Spirit’s power. However essential, it is not easy and does not come naturally. How, then, do we glorify God in these ordained and supremely important relationships of family and church? We learn and practice.

The Conference include four messages addressing relationships. In addition, we will spend as much time together akin to a “staycation” in leu of no retreat this year. Here’s the general schedule:

Friday Night 7 - 9pm: First Meeting/Ice Cream

Saturday - 10am - 12pm: Second Meeting

        12pm - 1pm: Picnic Lunch

        1pm - 4pm: Afternoon Adventure

        6pm - 9pm: Supper and Third Mtg

Sunday Morning 10:30am - 2pm Corporate

Worship/Lord’s Table/Fellowship Meal/Conclusion

            The Conference will be October 4-6. Shepherd Groups will launch after the conference starting on October 13. Thank you for your commitment to our Lord and the relationships He has given to you to reflect His glory. Sola Deo Gloria.